WIDER WORTE 2022-2023

Lesen Sie unsere Projektdokumentation

below you find the groups that participated in the project.

Yeter Güneş, Widerstandskämpferin gegen den Militärputsch in der Türkei 1980, sechs Jahre lang inhaftiert im berüchtigten Gefängnis ‚Mamak‘ in Ankara.

Ein Dokumentarfilm und seine Präsentation

Ekwentị, The Cable Connection will repeatedly question ways of speaking, language and vocabulary to think and create new ways of communicating.

Gruppenfoto mit ARA Logo Fahne

I am back

Stronger than ever

Ready to break again

Into the new beat

Of my heart

Of my life

Short introduction of “JUST YES!”

Elisabeth Löffler Performance Artist and for a long time busy in the Independent Living Movement and the queer-feminist_ dis_ability Movement.
Love to sing love to move love to rest


Documentation of the project

In Lilly Axsters aus dokumentarischen wie fiktiven Erinnerungen inszeniertem Roman stürzen literarische Held:innen vom kolonialen Thron, trifft Aktivismus auf Demenz, und inmitten jeder Menge Poesie spricht: Yeter Güneş!

What does it mean to us to be (active) in different contexts?

Results will be presented in the exhibition on open days.

performances, art & community on 18 - june - 2022

Our first event

Can You talk?

Presentation of work in progress

@Aula der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Schillerplatz 3, 1010

free entrance

03.04.2022. 19:30

“Can You Talk?” is a work in progress presentation and final result of the previous workshop process. Starting point for creative research was the idea of mobile phone or any phone as a symbol in the context of migration. Nine performers are bringing different personal perspectives by using their bodies and spoken word to tell their stories. Complexity of migrant identities from a self-empowering perspective is used as guidance in this creative process.

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