“Can You Talk?” by Side Effect

“Can You Talk?” is a work in progress presentation and final result of the previous workshop process. Starting point for creative research was the idea of mobile phone or any phone as a symbol in the context of migration. Nine performers are bringing different personal perspectives by using their bodies and spoken word to tell their stories. Complexity of migrant identities from a self-empowering perspective is used as guidance in this creative process.

Often, the phone is the only connection with what we call home, with everything that we left behind. Through video calls and Instagram lives we are celebrating, sharing, hoping…Phones are tools for sending money back home, they are gifts that we are sending and sometimes represent only connection with our mother tongue languages. On other occasions we use video calls just to look at each other, to hold and remember significant moments that are happening while we are physically absent. Phone is a reminder of belonging, of broken relations, of the idea of home, of how much we care about each other, and that we are separated from our loved ones.

Direction, screenplay and concept: Danilo Jovanović

Performers and content creators:
Iva Marković
Jasmin Behnawa
Lamisse Hamouda
Mihret Kebede
Morteza Mohammadi
Noël Iglessias
Rada Živadinović
Shahrzad Nazarpour
Sound and light design: Yasemin Duru
Costume design: Maurício Ianês
Photography: Luiz Lima
Visual identity: Vanja Lazić
Production: “Complicit – Verein zur Förderung migrantischer und queerer darstellender Kunst”
Supported by: Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport