Lizart – Elisabeth Löffler

Short introduction of “JUST YES!”

Elisabeth Löffler Performance Artist and for a long time busy in the Independent Living Movement and the queer-feminist_ dis_ability Movement.
Love to sing love to move love to rest

LizArt Productions was founded in 2006 by Elisabeth Löffler and Cornelia Scheuer. It’s one of the first art projects, which was established from artists which a disability. The two artists are performing, leading and directing projects since the 90ies in Europe and oversea.
LizArt Production stands for the implementation of their own vision, the vision of equality with and within other artists, and their diverse bodies.


created by Elisabeth Löffler/LizartProductions
artistic adviser Oleg Soulimenko and all the upcoming Guests.

Löffler will invite you to share time, thoughts, sound, some of her poetries and movement in a playfull and of course comfortable way.
“I am looking forward to get in touch … get to know… you by … talking … dancing … listening to you…the magic of sharing is

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Hourglass in color