Ekwentị, The Cable Connection

Multimedia installation and Performance

Ekwentị, The Cable Connection will repeatedly question ways of speaking, language and vocabulary to think and create new ways of communicating. It aims to take away the focus on long established means of (un)spoken communication. It will reference the speaker, the message, and the listener. Who are you speaking to? What are you communication? What is the listener receiving on the other side? What language are you communicating with? What tone do you receive at the receiving end? How does the combination of the language, the tone, the network, the breathing, the perceived gestures affect, alter, and influence the received message?

How deeply ingrained is oppression in the way we speak? What can be empowering? How can we express ourselves with(out) saying words? How can we protest racist, queerphobic, sexist, patriarchal and capitalist means/forms of communication and produce progressive empowering words, means of engaging and (non)communicating.

All these will be done under a humorous umbrella. Also questioning, who communicates laughter, who can consume humour, who has the capacity and privilege to consume humour and what makes humour (un)consumable.

The workshop/Rehearsal:

We will discuss vocabularies of oppression and empowerment split in two groups and think of how we can write and design these words on shirts.
We will, in the process teach and produce comedy with participants
Participants will wear their finished shirts and have a moment on stage to share their customised comedy.
Through wearing the shirts we are communicating non-verbally, thus creating a statement outside of the usual way of communicating.

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